E6000 Bleeder Spray Gun


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The E6000 is a lightweight, but strong, polymer body, bleeder style spray gun. This means that when you connect your turbine and turn it on, the air will constantly be flowing from the front of the spray gun. When you pull the trigger, you will be releasing the fluid only. The needle and nozzle in the E6000 spray gun are stainless steel.  The gun comes supplied with one 1 quart cup that attaches to the bottom of the spray gun.

The E6000 comes with a 1.0mm needle and nozzle installed.  This size is ideal for spraying most clear finishes, both waterborne and solvent.  There is also one other size available, 1.8mm. The 1.8mm size is great for spraying latex with little or no thinning.

This gun comes with a 1-year written warranty.