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HVLP Sun Apollo’s Line of HVLP Spray Tanning Systems

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Apollo Sprayers present three HVLPsun™ Systems and two HVLPsun™ Mist Applicators. HVLPsun™ Tanning Systems serve the tanning industry with a full range of tanning opportunities, from mobile technicians spraying on site to the most exclusive salons, hotels, cruise ships and spas.

Superbly engineered, the HVLPsun™ Tanning Systems and Mist Applicators put perfect control in the technician’s hands. HVLPsun™ motors produce a high volume of air (CFM) at a very low pressure (PSI). Our Mist Applicators have all stainless steel fluid parts, to atomize the solution into tiny perfect particles in a precision controlled spray fan. Tanning solution is applied gently, in a fine layer, which maximizes skin and DHA adhesion for an absolutely flawless end result.

  • Mini Mist® Portable, Affordable, Reliable This unit is designed for medium usage and maximum mobility. Suits the part time and travelling technician.
  • Sun Mist ™ Hushed, Vari-Speed, Mobile Excellence Professional mobile unit with variable speed control
  • Whisper Mist® Sophisticated Design, Quiet as a Whisper The quietest professional HVLP system available anywhere

Apollo and HVLP Sun the perfect choice for your spray tanning needs.