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Apollo Sprayers Travels the World

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Apollo Sprayers International are now used on six continents. (We are not sure about Antarctica, yet.)

We go North to Fairbanks, St. Petersburg and Oslo and South to Johannesburg, Buenos Aires and Melbourne.

Apollo Turbines and Conversion Guns are spraying in Beijing, Bangkok, Tel Aviv and Cairo.  We are in high tech places such as the US military in Iraq, and fun places like salons that do UV Sunless tanning -  www.hvlpsun.com . The White House, Disney and movie stars all have Apollo Sprayers.

Apollo Sprayers sprays chocolate on fancy cakes, sunless tanning solutions on people, wings on airplanes, trim on yachts and new surfaces on bath tubs.

So, if you would like to share a unique place your Apollo Sprayer has gone or a special coating you have used, please send a note to Apollo Sprayers.