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Apollo Sprayers Model 1050VR Showcased at AWFS – World’s Most Advanced Precision HVLP Turbine System – 22% More Power to Atomize Higher Viscosities

Vista, CA. July 19, 2011. This week at AWFS 2011, Apollo Sprayers International, Inc., are showcasing their most advanced HVLP Turbine – Apollo Model 1050VR. The development of Apollo’s Precision Series turbines was inspired by changes in state environmental regulations and increased attention to environmental impacts that are resulting in an industry-wide transition to higher efficiency spray application technology.

John Darroch, Apollo President and CEO said, “We’re proud to have responded to this important challenge with the introduction of Apollo Model 1050VR. Apollo has chosen to not merely meet the regulation standards, but to exceed them.” The new 5-stage has more power in addition to variable speed, pressure control and other unique precision and safety features.

Apollo Model 1050VR has been submitted to the 2011 AWFS Sequoia Award in both the “product innovation” and “green” categories. Says John Darroch, “ The 1050VR is a breakthrough product because, when finishing becomes this easy and controllable, people will have a guaranteed quality finish. They can do more and better work as a direct result of their investment in high quality equipment. It is win/win for everyone – and most of all, it is a win for the environment.”

Not only can the Apollo 1050VR create a superb finish, it offers the user more controllable, more predictable operation and results with the positive outcomes of saving energy, time, amount and cost of coatings. Bill Boxer, Apollo VP and COO, noted that the 1050VR system provides “22% more power to perfectly atomize “green” coatings including waterbornes, and an array of higher viscosities – in fact, just about any contemporary coating.”

Unique technology and precision features:

  • The finisher has the increased power needed to produce ultra-fine atomization creating a remarkably consistent smooth finish while achieving 80-90% transfer efficiency.
  • For the first time, a finisher can automatically calibrate the speed of their HVLP turbine, see it on an LCD read-out and can easily replicate the result, time after time.
  • The LCD display shows atomizing pressure accurate to 0.10PSI.
  • The Pressure Control System  (PCS) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage worldwide, adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure.
  • Precision FreeFlo™ Filter Warning LED indicates when filters are restricted.  Green for clean, red for partially or fully obstructed.

Apollo Model 1050VR promotes a cleaner, safer working environment:

  • The high transfer efficiency prevents the addition of particulates to the atmosphere making the air more breathable for the equipment operator and reduces pollution of the general environment.
  • Built-in Thermal Overload Protection. If the motor overheats, the 1050VR will shut down and cannot re-start until cool-down has taken place. In an industrial and heavy-use environment, this not only protects the user but also promotes machine longevity.

John Darroch invites readers of this article to come get an up close look at the world’s most advanced HVLP system at AWFS in Las at Apollo Sprayers, Booth 2531.